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Unwanted hair in areas of your body affects both men and women. It can be embarrassing as well as interfere with relationships and your career. It can be hereditary or simply body changes including pregnancy and menopause. If you develop sudden hair growth, it is important to contact your doctor because it could be a sign of a medical condition.

Hair grows in follicles in different colors and sizes. Hair can grow close to the skin or loosely. These factors make the process of hair removal difficult and often painful. Tweezing and shaving is the most often used removal method. It is painful and time consuming. More than likely the hairs will grow back. Shaving is another often used method, but again it is very likely the hairs will grow back.

There are various other types of hair removal available. The type that is right for each person varies depending on the type of hair, where the hair is, how deep in the skin the hair is, and the sensitivity of the persons skin. Prescription creams must be used at least twice a day to be effective. They can be effective, but often irritate the skin causing redness and the possibility of a rash. The hair is going to grow back, so you will need to continue using the cream.

Waxing is a popular option, mainly used by women. While the hair will grow back, waxing generally keeps the area free of hair for up to six weeks. Many find this process to be painful. Waxing can cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs. It is important to be sure the person doing the waxing is trained in the process. Serious burns can occur if waxing is not done correctly.

Electrolysis is a method that sends an electric current through a needle to the root of each hair. This process takes several procedures to remove the hair. It is commonly used by women to remove hair from the upper lip. This process is generally painful, time consuming, and very expensive.

While unwanted hair can make us feel unattractive, the options for removing it sound painful. I guess a person will have to decide if vanity is more important that a few minutes of pain every few weeks!


Hair removal

Hair removal

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